Original Version of Bryson Tiller's song "Don't"

If you haven't heard, well now you will. Recently, Bryson Tiller has dropped one of today's biggest hits called, "Don't." This song gives you sexual, sensual, and reality throughout the entire track. But it make you think where did this Kentucky based artist come up with a concept that was not only genious but also what became a hit. Well, let me spill a little tea with you. Back in 2010, Chris Parker, met with an inspiring producer name Preezy. Preezy was impressed with the musical talents of Parker, and was inspired to make beats for him, therefor he would no longer have to focus on producing for himself. Chris could focus more on creating lyrics and studio recordings. When Preezy finally mastered his producing skills, he created an instrumental titled "Picture That" intended for Parker to use. As Chris was working on the project and laying lyrics to the beat, he then later sent what he came up with for Preezy to hear and give feedback.

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