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Booking Policies

General Policies & Helpful Info
1) SelfMadeGlory requires a 50% Deposit 2 days (48 hours) before the scheduled Booking. Your Session will not be confirmed unless the Deposit has been madeMore info below.
2) Extra people are allowed to come with the Client to the Session, however, every individual that is not a Session Musician will be charged $25 via Apple Pay or credit card. Cash will not be accepted for any reason.
3) Please do not bring your pets to the studio. We do not allow pets in the facility.
4) The studios are kept between 70-72 degrees to protect the equipment. Please plan accordingly and bring a jacket if the temperature could be an issue for you.
5) No drugs and/or alcohol permitted on the premises. 

Studio Tours
Studio Tours are conducted during our hours of operation. Please Book Online or call in advance to schedule a tour. Walk-ins are not accepted. In addition, a 3D Virtual Tour on our website will be available soon.

Same Day Bookings
For sessions scheduled the same day as a Booking, the hourly rate will be $100/hr. Full amount is due at the Session start. We encourage all clientele to Book their session ahead of time to prevent said price increase. Book a Same Day Studio Session.

Payment for Studio Time
In order to confirm a session, we require a deposit within 48 hours of receiving an invoice. Balance of invoice is due at session start. For sessions of 4 hours or more, a 50% deposit is required. For all sessions under 4 hours, production, mastering, graphic design, photography, video services, and any offsite services, full payment is required.

Accepted Forms of Payment
We accept Apple Pay & credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover) for payments. We do not accept cash for any reason at this time. Due to the rise in fraudulent credit card activity, we require all credit card payments to be physically swiped at the studio; if not paid online. If you want to make a payment by phone, we require a completed online form; an uploaded copy of the front and back of the credit card, and a copy of the cardholder's ID to process a payment. We cannot process Capitol One cards over the phone. 

Time On Hold
Sessions will be considered on hold until a 50% deposit has been made (or full payment for sessions under 4 hours), or a PO from a label with a previous relationship with SelfMadeGlory has been received. The deposit or PO is required within 48 hours of booking the session. If the deposit has not been made and another client wants your time slot, you will be contacted and asked to make the deposit. If the deposit is not made at that time, your time slot will be made available to another client. Once a deposit has been received, studio time will be considered confirmed and billable.

All sessions are considered confirmed and billable within 24 hours of the session start time. Cancellations need to be made at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise, the client will be billed for the time booked, with a minimum of 3 hours for The Supernova (Studio A), or 2 hours billed for The Lunar Room (Studio B). "No show" sessions will be billed for the full-time booked.

If you have made an error in making your payment or cancel your session within the cancellation guidelines presented above, SelfMadeGlory will honor your request for a refund made within 15 business days of your payment. To request a refund, email Refunds are returned using the original method of payment. If you made your payment by credit card, your refund will be credited to that same credit card.

Session Backups
SelfMadeGlory does not make session backups or keep copies of any files. You can bring a backup media (USB drive, hard drive, etc) and we will backup your files to it at the end of your session. SelfMadeGlory will make a backup and keep it on-site for 2 years if you purchase an external hard drive in-studio. All backups removed from the studio are the responsibility of the client. WeTransfer uploads are a courtesy and not a backup – they are available for 7 days only.

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